Comar Chemicals manufactures a stable Homogeneous Neodymium Versatate catalyst for Polybutadiene Rubber manufacture with solvent processes. We are the suppliers of neodymium catalyst to many major Nd-BR factories in the world. Our Neodymium catalyst has become a reference standard in this industry. Our Neodymium Carboxylate is used to manufacture a Ziegler-Natta catalyst, required for the polymerisation of butadiene. The Neodymium Catalyst is reacted with a chlorine donor, such as a Di-alkyl Aluminium Chloride, or Ethyl Aluminium Sesquichloride (EASC), as well as an alkylation agent, such as a Di-alkyl Aluminium Hydride.

The product manufactured with our Neodymium catalyst is a high CIS content, high impact resistant Butadiene Rubber suitable for tyre manufacture and other applications.



Iron Neodecanoate ist used in marine fuel, as a fuel combustion enhancer.



Comar manufactures an ultra-high purity Cobalt Nitrate and Carboxylates as an industrial catalyst pre-cursor.