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    Company History and Milestones


    Comar Chemicals (Pty) Ltd., is a private South African company, that was formed in 1995.

    The business of Comar is the manufacture of speciality Organometallic compounds for a variety of applications. From the beginning, the company focussed mainly on exporting chemicals, initially mostly to Europe, but then also to USA, and South East Asia.

    All products produced and sold by Comar, were developed inhouse, leading to the company having a very strong chemical technology base.



    Comar developed a high activity, stable Neodymium Versatate, that is used as a synthetic rubber catalyst - this product is one of the companies flagship innovations, and is exported to almost every continent, to major synthetic rubber producers. 



    Growth in products, customers and production volumes soon necessitated an expansion, which was realised by moving the manufacturing facilities of the company to a new plant in Atlantis, a industrial town, some 30 km north of Cape Town.



    The business of the company in Atlantis received ISO 9001 certification.



    Growth in sales lead the company to establish a new production site in europe. Comar Chemicals (Pty) Ltd. founded a new company, Comar Chemie AG as a 100% subsidiary in Switzerland. Since May 2012 the new highly automated plant is fully operational in the GETEC Park.Swiss in Muttenz and produces Neodymium Versatate. All customers requirements out of Europe and Russia are served from Comar Chemie AG. Exports to North and South America and South East Asia are undertaken from the plant in Atlantis, South Africa.



    The business of the company in Muttenz (Switzerland) received ISO 9001 certification.



    The businesses of the companies in Atlantis (Sout Africa) and Muttenz (Switzerland) received ISO 14001 certification.