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    Product Packaging


    A. UN Type T-11 Portable type Tank Containers:

    These portable tanks range from 17 000 - 26 000 litre capacity with Material of construction is Stainless Steel, 4 bar pressure capability (MAWP), and are cradled in a steel frame suitable for sea, road and rail freight.


    B. 1000 litre IBC:

    These are 1000 litre UN approved polypropylene tanks (UN-1H1), enclosed in a metal cage on a pallet.

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    C. 210 litre Closed Top Steel Drums:

    These are UN approved steel drums (UN 1A1), with non-removable heads. The drums are coated internally with a chemically resistant lining. Drums are normally stacked four on a pallet, and are double steel-strapped with appropriate labels.

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    D. 25 litre Polycans:

    These are UN approved polypropylene cans (UN 3H1) for smaller product requirements

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    E. Fibreboard boxes:

    These are UN approved boxes (UN 4GV) and are used for the packaging of solid pelletized products. The pellets are ususally packaged in inner EVA or other specific polymer liners as internal packaging into these boxes.

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    F. Samples:

    Samples are packaged in approved glass bottles, and externally packaged to conform to UN recommended standards by an external Packaging contractor for all dangerous goods packaging.

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    G. Packing List and Dangerous Goods Declarations:

    All goods transported are accompanied with a packing list, CoA, MSDS and for Dangerous goods, a TREM card and a Dangerous Goods Declaration in accordance to the UN International requirements.